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We are VeraTwinsArt

Our names are Kelby and Kelvin Vera – combined, we form the CryptoTwins. Our vision is simple – to bring the artwork we are known for offline into Web 3. Born and raised out of Union City, New Jersey, we quickly realized our knack for art in elementary school, often wanting to go the extra mile that most peers would not. As a result, our life is characterized by going against the grain, against the norm, creating a difference in the system.

After going through high school and graduating into working a typical nine-to-five, we knew we wanted to pursue a career in the arts more than anything. Working at a desk or in a restaurant was not our goal – so we worked our asses off with whatever extra time we had to develop our craft and move towards a fully creative lifestyle.

Everything we worked for manifested into reality – our art is owned by collectors worldwide, from Kanye West to 6ix9ine, Fat Boy, 50 Cent, Omi in a Hellcat, and more. Our artwork embodies the culture of the streets we grew up on, seamlessly integrating into Hip-Hop and music culture.

We create pieces from what we experience – throw us into any environment, and we will find a space to immerse our art and let it thrive.

If we were to die today, we would want you all to know that our paintings hold significant meaning past the strokes and are made together in collaboration as brothers. We support all individuals of any kind – we utilize every skin tone in our art pieces so those marginalized in the art world in the past can know they are beautiful and appreciated. One of the largest plights society faces today is racism – people give reasons to be segregated from one another when we should be giving one another reasons to unite. We will continue to be an inclusive community for individuals of all backgrounds, channeling that creativity and unity through art – this is Crypto Twins.


Launching Equils on the Blockchain

Our collection will feature our most successful piece of Art - The Equil. Fans around the world bought lifesize paintings of it for their Art collections. 333 will be available at launch - Every piece crafted with our heart, skill and imagination.

We decided to offer them at an affordable price of 99$, so everyone can step into the world of digital art. You are free to keep your unique piece, or sell it afterwards. 9 pieces of our collection are super rare and entitle the owners to receive a custom printed version, as well as for some of them a meet and greet with us in New York.

We will also have a tour together in our custom painted NFT-Lamborghini for 5 Winners. We will be happy to see you.

~ The Twins.

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